How to Set Custom $PATH Environment Variable in Linux

Sometimes, you might want to define your own custom $PATH variable which, in most cases, is not provided by your operating system. Doing this will enable you to invoke your variable from any location in

Quickly Create And Run Optimized Linux, macOS And Windows Virtual Machines With Quickemu (With Auto ISO Download)

Quickemu is a command line wrapper for QEMU that can be used to quickly create and run highly optimized Linux, macOS, *BSD and Windows desktop virtual machines. It’s currently only intended for use on Linux

Fly Pie Is A GNOME Shell Launcher For Users With One Hand On The Mouse Most Of The Time

Fly Pie is a GNOME Shell launcher (available as an extension) designed for users who have one hand on the mouse most of the time. It can be used to launch applications, URLs, recent files,


How to get started with BusyBox on Linux

BusyBox is a handy utility tool that provides a collection of several stripped-down UNIX shell command-line tools and tiny Linux programs in a single executable file of approximately 2 MB. It runs in multiple environments


Ventoy Multiboot USB Creator Adds A New WebUI Plugin Configurator

Ventoy, a tool to create bootable USB drives by simply copying the ISO to the USB (with support for as many ISOs as you want, even mixed Linux and Windows ISO files), has been updated


How To Install System Information Tool HardInfo 0.6 Alpha (GTK3) On Ubuntu, Pop!_OS Or Linux Mint From PPA

HardInfo is a graphical system information (hardware, system info, software) and benchmark tool. Since there have not been any new HardInfo releases since 2009 (but the tool is still under development), I have created a

How To Use Guake Terminal Under Wayland (GNOME)

This article explains how to get Guake drop-down terminal to work properly under Wayland (GNOME). I’ve tested this using GNOME desktop running on Ubuntu 21.10 with a single monitor, because I currently don’t have access

Responsively App Is A Browser For Fast Responsive Web Development (Free And Open Source)

Responsively App is a free and open source dev tool for responsive web development, available for Linux, Microsoft Windows and macOS. It’s a modified browser that uses Electron, which shows a web app on multiple


How to Recover Deleted Files in Linux

Losing data is one of the most unsettling and harrowing experiences that any user can go through. The prospect of not ever finding precious data once it is deleted or lost is what usually inspires

How To Run A Command After The Previous One Has Finished On Linux

This article explains how to run a command after the previous command has finished running. Using this, you can run not just 2 commands, but any number of commands, after the previous one has finished.

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