Ubuntu’s Yaru Theme Gets Official Support For Xfce

Yaru, the default Ubuntu (GNOME) GTK theme, has received an update which adds support for Xfce (Xfwm4). Here’s how it looks and how to give it a try right now. The PR which adds Xfce support


How to Install VirtualBox on Elementary OS 6 (Odin)

VirtualBox is a free and opensource virtualization tool which allows us to run multiple operating systems at the same time. As the name suggests, VirtualBox creates a virtualized environment for installing and running operating systems.

Draw Using Your Laptop Touchpad To Sign PDFs And More With FingerPaint

FingerPaint is a simple tool for Linux that allows drawing using the laptop’s touchpad. It supports all X11 desktop environments and GNOME with Wayland. The most obvious use for this tool is to digitize your signature

Show WebP Thumbnails In GTK Applications (Nautilus, Thunar, Etc) Using WebP GDK Pixbuf Loader Library

I was looking for a way to get WebP image thumbnails in GTK applications (especially Nautilus / GNOME Files), and most solutions I found were ‘hacky’, until I found the rather unknown WebP GDK Pixbuf Loader

How to Configure Static IP Address in Debian 11 (Bullseye)

Hello Geeks, when we install Debian Linux on our system then during the installation it tries to get DHCP ip address from modem (or dhcp server) if available. But it is always to recommended to

exatorrent Is A New Self-Hostable BitTorrent Client Featuring A Responsive Web Interface, Streamable Torrents

exatorrent is a new cross-platform self-hostable BitTorrent client written in Go. It’s made with servers / seedboxes in mind, but you can also run it locally.  Even though it just had its 0.0.1 release, the

OpenShot Video Editor 2.6.0 Released With New Computer Vision / AI Effects, Audio Effects, More

OpenShot, the free and open source Qt video editor for Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and MacOS, had a new major release which adds new computer vision / AI effects, audio effects and much more.  Also, with

Add A News Ticker To Your Desktop With TICKR (Scrolling News Feed Widget)

TICKR is a news ticker desktop widget – a feed reader that displays news headlines as a small scrolling text line (ticker) on your desktop, available for Linux and Microsoft Windows. Add your favorite website RSS


Top 12 Things To Do After Installing Debian 11 (Bullseye)

Good news for Debian users as Debian 11 was released a few days back. Code name “Bullseye”, Debian 11 comes packed with lots of goodies and exciting new updates. Debian is one of the best

How To Enable Hibernation On Ubuntu (When Using A Swap File)

This article explains how to enable hibernation using systemd on recent Ubuntu releases when using a swap file (which is default for Ubuntu at least since version 18.04). My laptop’s battery drains quite fast while

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