Release Roundup: Flameshot 0.10.0, HandBrake 1.4.0, Szyszka 2.0.0, Clight 4.6 And Zellij 0.15.0

This article covers the new release (in short summary) of Flameshot (screenshot and annotation tool), HandBrake (video transcoder), Szyszka (file renamer), Clight (tool to match your backlight level to ambient brightness using the webcam or ambient light sensors) and Zellij (terminal multiplexer with extras).

Flameshot 0.10.0

Flameshot screenshot tool 0.10.0

Flameshot is a Qt5 screenshot tool with a customizable user interface, annotation support (you can draw lines, arrows, blur or highlight text, etc. on the screenshot), and more, available for Linux, Microsoft Windows and macOS. On Linux, it supports X11 while also having experimental GNOME Wayland and Plasma Wayland support.

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