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CLI Cloud Storage Manager Rclone 1.56.0 Adds New Serve Docker Command, Reworked Config, New librclone C Library

Rclone, a free and open source command line cloud storage sync tool, was updated to version 1.56.0, which includes some important new features. There's a new backend, new commands including Docker serve, a reworked configuration

Release Roundup: Flameshot 0.10.0, HandBrake 1.4.0, Szyszka 2.0.0, Clight 4.6 And Zellij 0.15.0

This article covers the new release (in short summary) of Flameshot (screenshot and annotation tool), HandBrake (video transcoder), Szyszka (file renamer), Clight (tool to match your backlight level to ambient brightness using the webcam or ambient light

How to Install Docker and Docker-Compose on Rocky Linux 8

As we all know that Docker Container is the highly demanded technology in IT world.  With help of Docker containers, developers and infra admins can package their application and its dependencies and can run it

How to Extend XFS Root Partition without LVM in Linux

There are some situations where / or root partition is running out of disk space in Linux. Even compressing and deleting old log files did not help, so in such cases we are left with

Top 7 PDF Editors for Ubuntu Linux

PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format. It’s the defacto format that is used for sharing documents electronically and is usually the preferred format when attaching documents on a website for download. Once in

Open YouTube (And More) Videos From Your Web Browser With mpv [Firefox, Chrome]

mpv-handler is a protocol handler for mpv written in Rust which, accompanied by a browser userscript, allows users to open videos from YouTube, Twitch and Bilibili with mpv. It works with both Firefox and Chromium-based

Top 6 Screenshot Tools for Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Debian

Screenshots come in handy especially when you want to illustrate or demonstrate something to a colleague or a friend or student. A screenshot directs the attention of the recipient to the object(s) being illustrated. Most

Access OneDrive From Linux Using OneDriver (v0.11.0 Released With GUI For Easy Setup)

OneDriver is a native Linux filesystem for Microsoft OneDrive. The tool mounts OneDrive and then allows you to access it from your file manager and other applications as if the files were on your local

How to Install Ansible AWX on Kubernetes Minikube

Hello Geeks, I hope you are aware about Ansible AWX, if not then Ansible AWX is a Web based GUI tool for managing ansible playbooks. There are lot of other features of AWX apart from

Top 8 Linux Distributions for Developers in 2021

Linux OS is far more superior compared to Windows in terms security, customization, software updates and so on. Linux provides support for all major programming languages like C, C++, Java, Perl, Ruby and Python etc.