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Pinta Image Editor 1.7.1 Available For Download (Likely The Last GTK2 Release)

Pinta, a free and open-source drawing and image editing program, has been updated to version 1.7.1, receiving a few new minor features / improvements, as well as quite a few bug fixes. Pinta is a


How to Run Containers as Systemd Service with Podman

As we know podman is an open-source daemon-less tool which provides environment to build, run and manage containers. Running containers as systemd service means that containers will automatically start when the system gets rebooted. In


How To Set Charge Thresholds For Some Huawei MateBooks, LG Gram, Lenovo, Samsung Or ASUS Laptops On Linux With TLP

TLP is a command line advanced Linux power management tool that helps save laptop battery power. It’s designed to install and forget about it, TLP taking care of everything automatically. TLP is highly configurable though,


How To Find All Files Containing Specific Text On Linux From The Command Line

This article explains how to find all files containing specific text on Linux. For this we’ll use grep, a standard Unix program. grep is a command-line utility which prints lines that match a given pattern,

EverSticky: Sticky Notes App For Your Linux Desktop That Syncs With Evernote

EverSticky is a simple new Qt sticky notes tool for Linux that synchronizes with Evernote and displays rich text formatting. The application lets users quickly take notes using post-it note-like windows displayed on their desktop.

How To Upgrade To Raspberry Pi OS 11 Bullseye (From Buster)

Raspberry Pi OS “Bullseye” (based on Debian 11 Bullseye) has been released recently, and this article covers the instructions for upgrading from the older Raspberry Pi OS Buster to this new Bullseye version. This should


How to Run Linux Shell Command / Script in Background

The usual style of executing a command on a Linux terminal is to simply run it and wait for it to gracefully exit. Once the command exits, you can then proceed to execute other commands


How to Install OpenShift 4.9 on Bare Metal (UPI)

Hello Techies, as you know Openshift provides container platform and can installed either on onprem or in public cloud using different methods like IPI (Installer Provisioned Installer), UPI (User Provisioned Infrastructure) and Assisted Bare Metal

Easily Install And Manage Custom Wine Builds (Proton-GE, Luxtorpeda, Wine-GE) For Steam And Lutris With ProtonUp-Qt GUI

ProtonUp-Qt is a graphical tool that makes it easy to install and manage compatibility tools like Proton-GE and Luxtorpeda for Steam, and Wine-GE, Kron4ek Vanilla and Lutris-Wine builds for Lutris. Recently, the tool has also


How to Manage KVM Virtual Machines with Cockpit Web Console

In a previous topic, we walked you through how create and manage KVM machines on command line. For command-line enthusiasts, this is an ideal way of creating and keeping tabs on virtual machines. For those