Macast DLNA Media Renderer: Easily Cast Videos, Music And Pictures From A Phone To Your Computer

Macast is a new free and open source tool to use your computer as a DLNA media renderer, so you can cast videos, pictures and music from your phone (or another computer) to your desktop,

How to Install Oracle Java 17 LTS On Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint Or Pop!_OS Via APT PPA Repository

Oracle Java 17 LTS has been released recently, and is now available to install from the Linux Uprising Oracle Java PPA on Ubuntu, Debian, and Linux distributions based on these, such as Pop!_OS, Linux Mint, Zorin

Bootable USB Creator Ventoy Gets A Native GUI For Linux

Ventoy, a tool for easy bootable USB drive creation (simply copy the ISO to the USB), has been updated recently with a native GUI for Linux. Ventoy is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux, and

JamesDSP For Linux Is An Audio Effect Processor For PipeWire Or PulseAudio (Equalizer, Bass Boost, More)

JamesDSP for Linux is an open source Qt audio effect processor for PipeWire and PulseAudio. Use it to enhance the music you listen to by adding reverberation, bass boost and other filters using a parametric


How to Setup Rsyslog Server on Debian 11 (Bullseye)

Log files are crucial in probing and troubleshooting errors. They are the first files that system administrators scrutinize in order to narrow down to the probable cause of an error and by so doing, come

OpenSnitch Application Firewall 1.4.0 Adds eBPF And nftables Support, Allow/Block Lists

OpenSnitch, a Linux port of the Little Snitch application firewall for macOS, had a major new release today. The latest OpenSnitch 1.4.0 adds the ability to use eBPF to intercept processes, nftables support, allow/block lists,

plocate Is A Much Faster locate (Drop-In Replacement For mlocate)

locate is a Unix tool used to find files by name on the filesystem, which uses a prebuilt database of generated files (created using updatedb). Using locate is faster than find, but it requires having


Ubuntu’s Yaru Theme Gets Official Support For Xfce

Yaru, the default Ubuntu (GNOME) GTK theme, has received an update which adds support for Xfce (Xfwm4). Here’s how it looks and how to give it a try right now. The PR which adds Xfce support


How to Install VirtualBox on Elementary OS 6 (Odin)

VirtualBox is a free and opensource virtualization tool which allows us to run multiple operating systems at the same time. As the name suggests, VirtualBox creates a virtualized environment for installing and running operating systems.

Draw Using Your Laptop Touchpad To Sign PDFs And More With FingerPaint

FingerPaint is a simple tool for Linux that allows drawing using the laptop’s touchpad. It supports all X11 desktop environments and GNOME with Wayland. The most obvious use for this tool is to digitize your signature

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