How to Configure IP Networking with nmcli Command in Linux

Nmcli (network manager command-line interface) is a command-line utility used to control the NetworkManager daemon which is used to configure network interfaces. With the nmcli utility, you can display, create, edit, enable and disable network

Fix Firefox Not Loading Websites With DNS Over HTTPS Enabled

The latest Firefox 96.0 as well as 95.0.2 (and possibly other versions) have an issue which prevents the browser from establishing any connections when DNS over HTTPS (DOH) is enabled. Simply disabling this option once

Extension Manager: Search And Install GNOME Shell Extensions Without Using A Web Browser

Extension Manager is a new, unofficial application to browse and install GNOME Shell extensions from your desktop, without having to use a web browser.  Besides allowing users to search and install extensions from extensions.gnome.org, the


How to Install EndeavourOS Step by Step with Screenshots

EndeavourOS is a terminal-centric Arch-based Linux distribution that provides a cool and elegant desktop environment and prides itself in having a vibrant community of opensource developers. Like all rolling releases, it’s an evolving distribution that


How to Install MX Linux 21 Step by Step with Screenshots

Debian, which is a hugely popular Linux distribution, has given rise to a wide selection of popular Debian flavors. Among the most celebrated and hugely popular Debian flavors is MX Linux, which takes the first

Theme.sh Is An Interactive Terminal Theme Selection Script (400+ Themes)

theme.sh is a script to easily change the terminal theme. It comes with more than 400 themes, an optional interactive theme picker, and it’s terminal agnostic. The script is available as a single portable file

Ubuntu Yaru Theme To Lose Its Aubergine Accent Color For Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish

For the upcoming Ubuntu 22.04 release, the Yaru developers are removing the aubergine (eggplant) color from the default Ubuntu theme, replacing it with orange, since libadwaita will only allow Ubuntu to use one accent color.

Set The Currently Playing Spotify Song Title And Album Cover As Your GNOME Wallpaper With This Script

Blueberry is a new Python scripts that sets your currently playing Spotify song title and album cover as your GNOME desktop wallpaper. To use it, you need Spotify Premium. The wallpaper includes the album cover

How To Run A Command Or Script As Root On Startup / Boot Using systemd or cron

This article explains how to run a command or script at startup / boot as root on Linux, in two ways: using systemd or cron. How to use systemd to run a command or script


Bottles Wine Prefix Manager Released With Stable Versioning Feature, New Console For Flatpak Users And A Bottles Runtime

Bottles is a graphical tool that makes it easy to run Windows software and games on Linux, via Wine.  For handling Wine prefixes, the tool uses environments, which is a combination of ready-to-use settings, libraries

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